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With the support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine

Our idea - to give young people the opportunity to gain experience in modern agricultural enterprises of the EU, to form European views on agribusiness and to understand its perspective


Why is it beneficial for you to hire the workers in UAYF?

All our services are free of charge for employers

We offer a free search and selection of the necessary amount of optimal workers for your company that meet your requirements and ready to work the required period of time

You legally save on salary

According to Collective agreements young specialists receive basic salary in the field, and trainees get 15-30% less

You do not waste your time

You only need to express us your requirements and wishes regarding the workers, approve selected candidates and agree on the date of their arrival

We are well aware of your needs for workers

UAYF is a team of teachers of agrarian educational establishments and specialists in agribusiness, each of whom also had internships at EU enterprises, that is why we understand so well the needs of employers and agrarian youth

We offer the following categories of workers


students of agrarian educational establishments that have theoretical knowledge and basic practical skills that correspond to the specialization of your production and speak English at a conversational level. According to collective agreements, trainees receive 70-85% of the basic salary in the industry. It is possible to hire the intern up to 18 months, depending on the legislation of your country

Qualified Specialists

Educated professionals with work experience that corresponds to your production specialization and English communication skills. According to collective agreements young specialists receive basic salary in the industry. Possible work period of a specialist in your enterprise is up to 12 months with an possibility of extension depending on your needs

Seasonal workers

Rural youth with strong health, used to hard monotonous work and willing to deal with vegetables, berries, flowers, etc. during the season. Salaries of seasonal workers are paid according to collective agreements in the industry. Possible period of job for a seasonal worker in your enterprise is up to 6 months

Cooperation Scheme



Send your requirements for trainees to UAYF


Clarify the information and send you CVs of the best candidates

Agree the candidates


Sign the documents and send them to us

Sign the documents and send them to us


Submit a full package of documents to the Immigration Authorities, control case reviews by visa officers and inform in time about the decision of the Immigration Service

Agree the arrival date


We plan the routes for the workers, buy tickets, organize your meeting with the workers

As a rule, the entire process from your application to the arrival of workers takes 4-8 weeks

We are doing our best to satisfy you with the quality of our work since the cooperation with you is of primary importance for us