22-24 November 2017
The Fourth International Exhibition "Agro-SPHERE"

The agricultural sphere is the most prospective segment of the Ukrainian economy. Odessa region, as the largest one in the Ukraine, is well known for its fertile soils and well developed complexes. Crop takes 73% of the Odessa region agro industry and livestock resp. 27%. The region took the 9th place of the agricultural gross production. The cultivation and processing of the grain and oilseeds, fruit and vegetables, fisheries, and livestock are the main trends of the Odessa region. 983 agricultural enterprises and 6,000 farms work in the Odessa region now.

Considering the list of the key challenges of the agro-industrial complex development, specifically
– innovative development of the agricultural enterprises;
– organic farming and the environmentally friendly products manufacture introduction;
– modern agriculture selection base creation;
– tractor and special vehicles park update;
– food competitiveness increase at the foreign and inner markets;
– agro-logistics development.
the project “Agro-SPHERE” is the important impulse for the region agricultural development.

Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine has included the Event into the list of Events held with the support and participation of the Ministry.

The exhibition is being held under the support and with the participation of the :

• Odessa Region State Administration
• Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
• Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute
• Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• Odessa State Academy of Building and Architecture
• Ukrainian Bakers’ Association

A key theme of the exhibition and the direction of the debate – specialized event “Grain-sphere. Ukraine.” This year during the exhibition the publishing house “Ports of Ukraine”, IAC “BlackSeaTrans” will hold the international conference “Grain terminal: new projects, equipment and technology.” The general sponsor of the conference is “TIS-grain”.


• Financing and insurance in agriculture
• Grain& oilseeds production and processing
• Fertilisers
• Agricultural Machinery
• Animal breeding
• Irrigation systems
• Agrotransport and Logistics
• Agroindustrial building
• Food processing industry
• Fodder manufacture
• Agricultural science and education

In 2014 more than 70 companies from 13 areas of Ukraine and also Moldova and Turkey took an active part in the Exhibition. In the framework оf the exhibition there was intensive and versatile business programme. More than 600 specialists from 5 countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkey, Great Britain) were registered at the Event. Among the registered attendees there were representatives from agricultural enterprises from 16 Ukrainian regions.


Confirm your leading position in the sphere of the agro-industrial complex of Southern Ukraine at the II specialized Exhibition “Agro-SPHERE”!

Organising committee: Exhibitions Technologies Center
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Project Manager: Nataliya Balayan

Assistants of Project manager:


Victoria Naumova
Anna Dudnik
Natalia Pogrebenuyk

E-mail: nm@expo-odessa.com