International activity

UAYFs international activity is aimed at the gradual integration of Ukraine into the international economic community through the realization of socio-economic research projects.

Improvement of agrarian education

Through grants UAYF introduces educational modules on up-to-date European technologies related to agricultural production and management to agrarian higher educational establishments.

Together with our partner DataLab we supply educational institutions with the Pantheon Farming  information system designed for the complex management of agricultural companies.

Training future specialists in agribusiness

UAYF facilitates the training of future specialists in agribusiness within the framework of the Strategy of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine. In line with this Strategy, our organization realizes internship programs for graduates, students and rural youth at leading agrarian companies around the globe.

Establishment of closer cooperation between scientists and agribusiness professionals

UAYF actively facilitates collaboration between national and foreign scientists, agribusiness professionals, companies, educational establishments etc. To promote the exchange of scientific researches and technological solutions in the agrarian sphere, we regularly organize international scientific-and-practical conferences and round tables.

Development of agribusiness and promotion of innovative technologies

UAYF devises programs for competitive growth among national farms in light of the European integration process.

Within the framework of the US program Bridges, which focuses on the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in national agrarian business, UAYF supports Ag Progress Project aimed at soils recovery and increasing soil fertility.

With an objective to strengthen international ties and partnerships between research institutions and representatives of agribusiness, UAYF organizes highly-specialized agribusiness-trips to the USA via the Bridges Program.

Attraction of investments to develop rural areas

UAYF plays an active part in the attraction of investments to the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economy. Investment projects supported by our organization are aimed at developing rural areas, creating promising agrarian businesses and the promotion of competitiveness of Ukraine’s agricultural industry.

We are open to cooperation and are ready to consider any projects that may be implemented involving our association related to our subject matter expertise.