Social Activity

UAYF’s social activity is aimed at supporting initiatives of young agribusiness specialists and participating in socio-economic projects at the national and international levels to assure the sustainable development of the national agrarian sector as well as the integration of Ukraine into the global economic space.

Development of agrarian education

UAYF implements projects aimed at improving the quality of agrarian education, motivating national educational establishments to participate in international educational programs and grants. Our activities in the area of agrarian education development are:

Establishment of an open dialogue between scientists, specialists and authorities

In order to address some of the most pressing developments in the agro-industrial complex, we regularly organize and participate in scientific and practical conferences, round tables and forums involving scientists, agribusiness specialists and representatives of state authorities.

Here are some of the most important events we have organized in the past:

These events have resulted in the publication of scientific reports.

Support of agrobusiness

UAYF facilitates the development of national agribusiness through participation in international specialized exhibitions. Here is a selection of some of the major events we have participated in:

We are open to cooperation and welcome any projects related to our area of expertise.