Topical events

On May 10, 2018, Ukrainian Association of Young Farmers, Zhytomyr National Agroecological University and the Danish Company SponsorMeter ApS started an active phase of the implementation of a joint international research project in organic sorghum cultivation.

The idea of Round Table is to work out the mechanisms of cooperation of scientists, business and authorities concerning attraction of foreign investments to hops growing branch and development of projects in hops growing.

29 January 2018 on the initiative of Ukrainian Association of Young Farmers a round table concerning the attraction of Danish investments for development of organic horticulture in the region was held in Zhytomyr Regional Administration.

The possibilities of cooperation is areas of Ukrainian organic goods export to Finland and Germany as well as investments in organic grains production in Zhytomyr region had been discussed.

The aim of the event is to work out the algorithms of organic farming development and to determine vectors for small businesses forming on territory of Baranivka united local community as foundation for economic development of the community.